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Dating: Why Gen Z fear commitment

Like most of Gen Zs, 22-year-old Cynthia says the kind of relationship that works for her is one that gives her the freedom to walk in and out at her convenience.

She is not for the idea of committing herself fully in a relationship.

“I believe keeping the relationship open benefits both of us, allowing either of us to freely leave the relationship if we become tired of it without unnecessary drama,” she says.

Unlike millennials, who generally look for someone with good character and endure with them, Gen Z finds this approach rather outdated.

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A majority of them prioritize financial stability and see no sense in staying with someone who doesn’t add financial value to them. They tend to think more about the present vibe rather than focusing solely on the future.

That said, Gen Z aspires to be in love without paying the price of sacrificing their personal happiness.

“It’s not that I’m unwilling to commit; the issue is that I’m concerned about what might happen if it’s not what I truly want. What if the relationship loses its excitement? Should I be obligated to stay in it despite my feelings?” poses Tracy, another Gen Z.

This out look to relationships, could perhaps explain the many breakups of young celebrity that we have been treated to in recent times.

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It seems Gen Z engages in relationships for convenience, and if it becomes inconvenient, they quickly move on, regardless of the emotional investment made between the couple.

A majority of them believe love is subject to change; what you loved about your partner yesterday may no longer align with your current desires today.

“Most of the time, we decide to date when we are young, but as we evolve, we realize that it may have been a mistake. Perhaps our interests and preferences have changed, and rather than tormenting myself, I prefer to move on to someone with whom I can connect and share a similar vibe,” said Tim.

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