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Dear Apple ios users, NameDrop might put your iPhone at risk

By Winnie Onyando November 29th, 2023 1 min read

A new feature in Apple’s iOS 17 called NameDrop might seem harmless, but it comes with hidden dangers that could harm your digital safety.

According to Apple, the NameDrop option lets iPhone and Apple Watch users who are next to each other share contact information such as a name, photo, phone number or email address quickly and easily with just a few taps.

Law enforcement warns iPhone users, especially those unaware of the risks, about potential harm, especially to vulnerable groups like children.

NameDrop lets phones share contact info by just being close, and if not handled carefully, it could lead to a privacy invasion.

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A cybersecurity expert, BuddoBot’s CEO Luke Secrist, urges caution.

He says, “Convenience and security often walk a tightrope. We recommend keeping these features off until absolutely necessary and promptly disabling them afterward. This is particularly crucial for our younger users who may not be fully aware of the potential risks.”

The call to action is clear for those who have ventured into iOS 17’s latest realm.

Navigate to Settings > General > Airdrop, select ‘Receiving Off,’ and disable ‘Bringing Devices Together.’

Your iPhone, should be a fortress, not an open gate inviting unwarranted intrusion.

The NameDrop warning echoes through the digital corridors – heed it, and let our iPhones remain our trusted allies, not unwitting accomplices in our own digital vulnerabilities.