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How Zari has managed to keep the peace in her blended family

If a socialite has fought against all odds of co-parenting, it’s South African-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan. She is a mother of five children, two of whom she shares with popular Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platinumz.

She has lived most of her life in the limelight and many an insult have been thrashed at her, but with a fierce and bold approach to criticism, Zari has merged as one of the most admired baby mamas on the internet.

While many may have been hoping for her downfall in her intentions to maintain a cordial relationship with the father of her children, Zari has managed to keep the peace within her blended family while ensuring the whole world chokes on it.

For instance, look at her recent motive to show the world that all is well in her family. She hosted her baby daddy Diamond together with his girlfriend Zuchu, at her South African home.

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In the videos she shared, she is seen flaunting a relaxing moment spent with Zuchu, her children’s father, and her husband Shakib.

On many occasions, netizens tried to pin Diamond and Zari on each other, claiming they were still trying to rekindle their old flame. However, Zari publicly addressed the matter and said that their bond was nothing more than a friendship formed out of respect and co-parenting. But the question is, how has Zari managed to hack co-parenting in this newly blended family setting?

Here’s what to know;

Zuchu and Diamond have a common understanding of their roles in each other’s lives because of their kids. The two renowned public figures have time and again shown the public and their fans that their priority lies with their two shared children regardless of their personal relationship.

For instance, when Zari took her kids to see Diamond in Tanzania. Many of her fans speculated a romantic reunion between the former couple, but Zari clarified, saying,

“I just brought the kids because their father wants to see them, it’s been two years. We are co-parenting and even if he has somebody, I can still come because it’s home for the kids, regardless of what happened between us. A lot of people are saying we have gotten back together but that is not true, I’m just here for the kids.”

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The way I see it, Zari’s commitment to her kids is what has motivated her to keep the peace. She chooses to ensure her children are well connected with their father, and as long as that’s her focus, nothing can deter her. Not even online criticism and gossip. On top of that, Zari has clearly moved on from Diamond romantically. Her marriage to Shakib proves that enough.

However, looking at Zuchu’s side, dating a man who has a gorgeous baby mama must be one of the hardest things on earth.

The popular singer has been put on the hot seat in many interviews regarding her relationship with her boyfriend’s (Diamond Platinumz) baby mamas, which she has handled pretty well.

Zuchu, in an interview, expressed her understanding of Diamond’s commitment to his children and the respect she has for that aspect of his life.

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She clarified that she was fully aware of his parenting responsibilities before she started dating him.

Niliujua Diamond alikuwa na watoto tulipoanza kudate na nilijua kuwa atakuwa katika maisha yao,” Zuchu explained.

She emphasized that co-parenting is an essential part of their lives and that it is not an issue because when one has kids, they will be in their lives no matter what happens.

“Ni lazima wazazi wenza wawepo till the day they day and even after that they would still be family., they are family, it was not an issue because when one has kids they will be in their lives, they never hugged nor kissed, I just saw two parents who were celebrating their kids,” she noted.

When asked about her role in Diamond’s children’s lives, Zuchu responded, “All the praises go to the parents. We are just family from a distance.”