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Jaguar takes responsibility amid iPhone Street Kenya scandal

The unfolding saga surrounding iPhone Street Kenya, a shop situated on Kenyatta Avenue renowned for its wide range of Apple products, has taken the internet by storm.

This controversy sheds light on the darker side of the phone-selling industry, where organized groups acquire used iPhones in bulk, often through questionable means, and operate on a large scale. These operations involve meticulous preparations of these devices.

Intricate processes include carefully removing any visible signs of previous usage, restoring the devices to their factory settings, and bundling each set with its corresponding accessories.

Now, iPhone Street Kenya, a company owned by the musician-turned-politician Charles Njagua, better known as Jaguar, is being accused of selling aging and refurbished iPhones at the price of brand-new ones.

The company has been in the spotlight on social media for its high-profile endorsements from top influencers and celebrities and notorious iPhone giveaways.

Recent complaints on social media have cast a shadow over the store’s reputation.

Allegations that the shop is peddling old and refurbished iPhones at the price of brand-new ones saw Kenyans sharing their own stories and viewpoints on social media.

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One user, Polo Kimanii, shared a thread from a dissatisfied customer. The tweep identified as Sherline K bought an iPhone in the Nairobi store and later found out it was stolen when she went to seek technical assistance in an Apple store in Italy.

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Another incident adding fuel to the fire involves TikTok user, Lordhezion. According to him, the iPhone 13 he purchased from the store was suffering from rapid battery drain. This prompted him to dig deeper into the issue.


Part 1 of the call I received from iPhone street. @Hez #CapCut #kenyantiktok #lordhezion #relatable #tiktokkenya #fyp

♬ original sound – Hez

Upon investigation, he uncovered that his device was originally sold by Apple as a Product Red device but had been refurbished and presented to him in a new Starlight body. This revelation added to concerns surrounding iPhone Street Kenya’s business practices.

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A Product Red device, in the context of iPhones and other Apple products, is a special edition product created in partnership with (RED), a charitable organization that aims to combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases in Africa. When you purchase a Product Red device, a portion of the proceeds from the sale goes directly to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

Product Red devices typically feature a distinctive red color, often with a white front, and they are sold alongside the standard color options. These devices are the same in terms of functionality and specifications as their non-Red counterparts; the primary difference is the color and the charitable aspect.

Meanwhile, With the introduction of the ‌iPhone 13‌, Apple made a change in its color options. The previous White, which came with silver aluminum edges, was replaced by Starlight. Starlight resembles the White choice available in the ‌iPhone‌ 12 series but now boasts a warmer and more distinctive tone, leaning towards a pearly or cream-like hue.

In response to the escalating controversy, Jaguar issued a statement on his social media, saying, “As the director of @iphone_streetkenya, it is quite unfortunate that some of our clients have experienced dissatisfaction.”

He added, “I have taken a personal initiative and take full responsibility for what happened. I commit to establishing a new customer service team for clear product information and dispute resolution to mitigate any issues moving forward.”

Jaguar did not address the allegations that his stock could include stolen iPhones.

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Reacting to his statement, his followers were not impressed.

Here are some of the reactions from his followers:

Instgram user annwangwe raised a question about the authenticity of celebrities’ phones, humorously commenting using his lyrics for the song Kigeugeu, “Mimi swali niiii pia izi simu za celebs zinasumbua ama ao wanapewa different na enye watu wanapewa..mbona ninapoamini kila binadamu mwishowe WANANIGEUKIA‼️.‼️😂😂😂 (My question is, are these celebrity phones causing trouble, or are they given different phones from others…why is it that when I believe in every human, in the end, they TURN ON ME?!)”

Lindaonyango87 expressed disappointment over a bad customer experience, sharing, “They don’t tell you it’s a refurbished phone, then when you go back it’s spoilt they ignore you, I was so disappointed 😔.”

Another user, vickie_njoroge raised a question about compensation, wondering, “Swali ni will all the people sold refurbished phones disguised as new be compensated? Whether new phones that they paid for or refunded cash?!”

However, printingplugke praised Jaguar’s accountability with a supportive comment, “Wonderful 👏👏. A man who takes responsibility for his business. Great work.”

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