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Leaked video exposes suspect making call from inside Industrial Area Prison

A leaked video in our possession has exposed a concerning trend within the confines of Industrial Area Prisons, where inmates are gaining unauthorized access to mobile phones and using them to communicate with the outside world.

Investigative efforts carried out by Nairobi News have brought to light the ease with which prisoners are obtaining and utilizing mobile phones within the prison walls, a practice that is strictly prohibited due to security and contraband concerns.

In the leaked video obtained by Nairobi News, which is believed to have been shot on the afternoon of Thursday, August 17, 2023, prison warders were captured providing a mobile phone to an individual named Mhamad Shaoukat, who is currently facing charges related to attempted murder.

Mhamad is accused of allegedly attempting to take the life of prominent businessman Akasha Nuri Akasha.

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The leaked video shows him conversing on the phone with an individual identified as Haisam Majid, who is believed to be his brother-in-law.

The presence of the prison warders during this phone call adds to the gravity of the situation, shedding light on potential security breaches.

It is particularly alarming that not only did the murder suspect have access to a mobile phone, but he was also able to make calls from within the prison walls.

The leaked video also revealed that Mhamad made disturbing threats to Majid during the phone call.

This revelation has prompted Majid to voice concerns over his safety and well-being.

Despite residing in Tanzania, Mr. Majid expressed his intention to travel to Kenya to report the matter and ensure appropriate actions are taken to address the situation.

Speaking to this reporter from Tanzania, where he is currently based,  Majid said, “He sent threats to me saying that the mission he started is yet to be completed. Further, he also said that he had already made friends with the warders.”

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