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Drama! Leaked conversations from top gospel artistes Whatsapp group

Gospel singer Annastacia Mukabwa has called out other ministers of the gospel for messing up the industry.

In a recent WhatsApp group conversation, artists claimed the industry needed prayers and fasting to cleanse it.

A gospel minister identified as DJ Syke explained how around 2008 – 2013 Kenya’s Gospel music was heading the Gospel chats.

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According to him, for the gospel music industry to raise to that level, artists had taken time over the years to pray, there were Keshas, artists did school missions together and there was unity and love.

“That was the foundation that brought that victorious glory. Then during the success, disunity, and hatred brought down what had been built,” he said.

Another minister in the WhatsApp group said female gospel singers were sleeping around with married men.

Another one said that is not the half of it, men from the Christian faith are on the down low, as in they sleep with each other.

“One day I saw a fellow minister kiss a fellow man. Hiyo image hunisumbua to date. Kila mtu apambane tu na hali yake haki. God is the ultimate judge,” the singer said.

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Gospel singer Annastacia Mukabwa and the groom during their star-studded wedding ceremony. PHOTO | COURTESY

After the long and heated discussion dominated the Whatsapp group on Monday, January 2, 2023, the newlywed Annastacia Mukabwa said every gospel singer had contributed to the failure of the industry.

“We have all contributed in one way to mess up the alter in so many ways. Immorality, pride, competition, and some of our artists are members of the LGBTQ community,” she said.

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She added that some are not true gospel ministers but are in the industry for fame and money.

“Some of you do not respect each other and there are a lot of fights going on. We need to go back to God and repent and He will return the glory of the gospel industry.”

She then suggested that all gospel ministers meet and pray and fast for the revival of the industry.

The notion that the gospel music scene is on its deathbed is something that has been gaining steam these past few years.

Daddy Owen

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Daddy Owen during his album launch ‘Chapter IV’ in 2021 said that the gospel should not be about money.

He rebuked the monetization of the word of God.

“I hate when people say this is an industry, the moment someone says it is an industry it means money.

For us when we started, we didn’t do it for money, so when it is dying that’s my joy. All I want to remain in gospel ministry,” Daddy Owen said.