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‘Dear Mueni…’ Bahati and baby mama Yvette pen emotional message to their daughter

Singer Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura, has expressed her joy and pride as her daughter, Mueni Bahati, celebrated her 8th birthday.

In a heartwarming message, Yvette shared a touching reflection on the milestones they’ve achieved together.

In the Instagram post, Yvette reminisced about the uncertainty she felt eight years ago as she headed to the delivery room. She shared a snapshot of the moment, saying:

“29:11:2015. Happy birthday to my BABY. We love you Mama.”

Yvette opened up about the profound impact Mueni had on her life.

“Dear Yvanna Mueni Bahati. 8 years ago today, I was packing my maternity bags. Amidst confusion and whatnot, I remember silently telling God, this child belongs to you. The moment you came into this world, you changed everything in my life; you made me see life from a different dimension.”

The proud mother made a heartfelt promise to her daughter, pledging to be the best mother through life’s seasons, both good and bad.

“I made a vow to be the best mom to you, and this is my promise to you, my child. In life’s seasons, through the good and bad days.

In my eyes, you are my world Mueni. As you turn a new leaf, one thing is for sure: you are the best thing that God ever gave me, and may you grow in the Lord’s grace and Favor. I speak blessings to you, my child. You are loved, my daughter.”

In celebrating his first daughter, Bahati acknowledged that his relationship with Mueni has encountered numerous challenges.

Despite the difficulties, he pledged to stand by her side, ensuring that all her dreams come to fruition.

“I want you to know that You’re a Star 🌟 My Relationship with you might face a lot of challenges but I Promise to always be here for you. No doubt that I will always be on your side to make sure all your Dreams Come to pass. I will always be your Dad; I will always be your best friend.”

Singer Bahati publicly apologized to Yvette Obura in 2021 for keeping their daughter a secret for almost two years.

In a candid Instagram post, Bahati admitted to the fear of societal judgment and hypocrisy, asking for forgiveness from Yvette and Mueni.

“Your birth was one of my happiest moments but yet a tough one for me since I was at my peak as a gospel artiste then,” he said.

“I was judged and ended up being a hypocrite by not accepting my blood. This is another opportunity to ask for forgiveness from the Mum and my daughter for keeping you as a secret and away from the public for almost two years,” he said.

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