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Diamond: I wear shoes once then throw them away

A week after he was called out for living a fake life, Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz now claims he only wears a pair of shoes once.

The award-winning artist, real name Naseeb Abdul Juma, made the explanation in a bid to silence his critics who claim he almost always wears the same type of shoes.

The Waaah hitmaker further alleged he throws away shoes after wearing them once.

The video was produced with what appears to be a background showing a closet of shoes.

“There are people who say I keep on repeating shoes. That is not true. I have so many pairs of shoes I only wear them once and throw them so someone else who needs them can use them,” he claimed.

Diamond is already under scrutiny after his former manager Ostaz Juma Na Musoma accused him of ‘faking’ his riches.

He added that Diamond is living a lie and everyone believes it. Artistes, he says, fake many things including lifestyles, performance fees but would end up taking whatever the client offers.

The shoe game aside, Diamond has curved a reputation in the recent past as one of, if not the most popular musicians in East Africa.

In the recent past, his social media pages have been awash with images of palatial homes and expansive cars that he reportedly owns.

The 31-year old has also shared images of himself flying aboard private planes