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Diamond wows fans with his ‘improved English’

After being trolled for his broken English, Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz appears to have done something polish his English.

Fans of the singer have been following him keenly and have noticed a difference in his speech while appearing in the TV reality show Young, Famous and African.

Netizens have noticed how much Diamond’s grammar has greatly improved from when he first appeared on season one of the reality show.

Diamond, born Naseeb Juma, is among the actors who have been part of the show since it premiered on Netflix.

And it is during the first seaaon when answering a question of how old he is that he responded by saying, “I’m 31st”.

He was savagely trolled online by unforgiving netizens who created countless memes from Diamond’s response.

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Young, Famous and African premiered with an A-list cast, that included Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan, South African actress, TV host and singer Khanyi Mbau, Nigerian fashion designer Jeremiah Ogbodo, popularly known as Swanky Jerry, South African TV personality Andile Ncube and Nigerian model, actress and presenter Annie Macaulay-Idibia.

That was not the first time Diamond has been on the spot for his poor English. In 2018 he became the butt of jokes when he was not able to answer a question asked in English by his daughter Latiffa.

A video shared by Diamond captured him with his daughter as they shared a father and daughter moment. The two engaged in a banter in which Latiffa told her father to get rid of his beard and feed it to the birds.

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The chatty toddler then pointed at Diamond’s bare chest, and asked her father what are the hairs on his chest.

“This one I can pull it like this then the birds eat it. What is this?” Tiffa asked.

“This is the hair, I do not know how to explain it in English my friend, my English is not good,” Diamond responded.

He then went ahead to ask Zari to tell him what they are called.

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