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Diamond’s ex-girlfriend Jokate desperate to find the right man to marry her

Diamond Platnumz ex-girlfriend Jokate ‘Kidoti’ Mwengelo is tired of being single and can’t wait to get married.

It’s been three years since Kidoti was last involved in a romantic relationship and now the former beauty queen says she is ready to start a family and have children.


“Kiukweli natamani kuwa na familia yangu, natamani kuwa na mume wangu na watoto wangu na naamini Mwenyezi Mungu akinijalia nitakuwa nao. God’s time is the best,” Jokate said.

However Jokate, who is the District Commissioner for Kisarawe, is clear on the kind of man she wants to date next and hopefully the relationship will lead to marriage.

“Kwa sasa ningependa kuwa na mtu ambaye ni mwelewa sana kwa sababu kazi ya uongozi ni lelemama. Awe mcha Mungu kwa sababu changamoto ni nyingi. Bila kuwa na Mungu huwezi kukabiliana nazo kwa nguvu zako mwenyewe,” she said.

The last time the sexy lass was romantically involved was back in 2017 when she dated Diamond’s nemesis Alikiba, only for him to disappoint her by marrying another woman.


Alikiba and Jokate dated for close to two years until parting ways in 2017. At the time there were rumours that the two were planning to marry.

However, things took a turn when Jokate learnt that Alikiba was planning to take someone else for a wife. Few months later Alikiba wedded his Kenyan wife Amina Khalef in April 2018.

A devastated Jokate disappeared from the limelight but was thrust back into it in August 2018 when President John Magufuli appointed her as the new District Commissioner for Kisarawe.

Before getting hitched to Alikiba, Jokate had a secret love affair with Diamond at a time the artiste was dating Miss Tanzania 2006 winner Wema Sepetu.