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Diana Marua: I earn more money than my husband Bahati

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 25th, 2023 2 min read

Diana Marua, the wife of renowned Kenyan musician Kevin ‘Bahati’ Kioko, recently disclosed she currently earns more than her husband.

The couple, well-known for their openness about their personal lives, shared these insights in a YouTube video on Diana’s channel, providing a glimpse into the dynamics of their marriage.

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Diana expressed her gratitude for Bahati’s presence in her life, acknowledging the profound impact he has had on her.

“I am grateful to God for allowing Bahati to enter my life because he has transformed me in different ways,” she stated.

One aspect of their relationship that Diana emphasized was her commitment to submission in their marriage.

She stressed that despite the fluctuating income disparities between them, she never hesitates to submit to Bahati, even when her earnings surpass his.

“Even right now, I can say I am making slightly more than him. It fluctuates, yes, but there is a time when his music is doing well and he has shows here and there and makes a decent amount. When things are not okay on his side and I am making more, I still humble myself before my husband regardless of the amount of money in our respective bank accounts.”

Before meeting Bahati, Diana shared that she had previously been involved with wealthy individuals who expected her to be a ‘trophy wife.’

However, she said her marriage to Bahati has been marked by genuine love, mutual respect, and shared blessings.

The couple attributes their success, including their multiple houses and cars, to divine blessings resulting from their care for their adopted son, Morgan.

“Ile Baraka tuko nayo mpaka saa hii, these big houses, we have houses out there, 7 cars, people think we have four cars, but there are others people don’t know about. All I can say hizi zote ni Baraka za Morgan” (All these are blessings from Morgan).”