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Die-hard supporter who called Joho ‘zuzu’ excites Kenyans online

A viral video of a Kenyan living in Saudi Arabia declaring that the people of Mombasa county will stick with their “zuzu” has excited people online.

Fuad R. Abdalla eloquently expresses his thoughts in Swahili in the video, stating that the coastal people will vote for their “noisemaker.”

In reference to a list of noise makers in class, where one Ali Hassan was noted among the notorious, Mr Abdalla said residents should look for the number one noise maker to vie for a political seat.

Hatuna haja na kiongozi msomi, kama ni zuzu, ni zuzu wetu na sisi wenyewe ndio tulimchagua hatukulazimishwa,” said Mr Abdalla.

The video has been viewed over 8000 times with more than 200 shares.

The relaxed Mr Abdalla says Mombasa residents made their choice and should not be coarsed to vote for the Jubilee Party candidate Suleiman Shahbal.

He sensationally adds that if Governor Hassan Joho is not cleared to vie, the residents would rather vote any other opposition candidate.