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DJ Pinye makes a comeback from retirement

After taking a musical break of more than five years, popular disc jokey Peter Chuani better known as DJ Pinye says he is now back.

Speaking to Nairobi News the veteran DJ said his is making his return due to public demand.

“When I turned 45 years I decided to retire from active deejaying. Fast forward when Covid-19 hit the country I saw that people would start to reminisce on music from the 90s and that is when I decided to come back fully. I realised that people always want to remember the good old days,” he explained.

So this year he decided to make his official comeback by hosting the playback event where different DJs will get an opportunity of playing music from different genres.

“I got different DJs to play all genres of music to celebrate the 30 years of my deejaying career. My fans will be getting a new version because I keep on reinventing myself. I never like doing the same thing,” he said.

DJ Pinye has also acknowledged the positive growth in the industry, saying he is happy to see so many young people who have gotten into the art of deejaying.

“When I was starting out there were only a few of us. Kenyans now see it as something they can make a living from,” he pointed out.

Before going into retirement, DJ Pinye had rubbed some local artistes the wrong by choosing not to play their music in his mixes.

The renowned DJ particularly gained infamy for failing to appreciate DNA’s immensely popular hit Banjuka, which went on to be an all-time favourite for contemporary Kenyan music lovers.