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Don’t disconnect services over unpaid bills, Kagwe tells Kenya Power, Nairobi Water

April 1st, 2020 2 min read

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has implored the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company not to disconnect water for city residents because of pending bills.

Water, he says, is an essential commodity in the fight against coronavirus that has already infected 81 people in the country.

This is compounded by the difficulties most Kenyans are going through currently due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The government has already put in place measures to make sure water will be readily available to residents of Nairobi.

These include working with private organisations to help in the supply of water in populated areas.

“As far as water is concerned there are three things happening in the city, one of them is that we are aware there are very many private sector people including the Kenya Pipeline that is working towards supplying of water,” said Mr Kagwe.

He added: “We have also asked that at this time, when people are going through the kind of difficulties that they are going through, that people should not be disconnected because of water bills. So, if there are people being disconnected because of water bills we have asked the city not to disconnect water to people because of water bills if there is a shortage of water because of a burst pipe or something that is a different matter.”

The National Government through the Ministry of Water is also looking into supplying water tanks and construction of water points in different places in the city.

CS Kagwe also urged Kenya Power not to disconnect power to Kenyans when they delaying in paying for electricity.

“We are also asking KPLC we are not saying that if you are able you don’t pay we, we asking KPLC when people delay from paying, tafadhalini mutuone huruma jameni, muonee wananchi huruma so that you can also ease the pain that they are going through,” stated CS Kagwe.