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Don’t look at a pretty face – Tedd Josiah on choosing the right partner

Legendary music producer and single father, Tedd Josiah has become a symbol of resilience in the face of adversity.

Having raised his daughter Jameela Wendo single-handedly since the tragic loss of his wife, Reginah Katar, in 2017, Josiah’s story is both heart-wrenching and inspiring.

In the quest for love and companionship, it’s easy to get caught up in the superficial aspects of a relationship. We often find ourselves drawn to a pretty face or swayed by charming words, but Kenyan businessman Tedd Josiah, reminds us that there’s far more to consider when choosing the right partner.

Josiah’s message is clear: the choice of a life partner should extend beyond the physical and the fleeting. Instead, he urges his followers to look for a person who shares their vision, dreams, and aspirations—a person with whom they can build a lasting legacy.

“No one wants to die and have their seed (children) scattered on the face of the earth feeling lost and orphaned because the person they left behind didn’t love them enough to hold on to them through the pain,” says Josiah.

We all have dreams and aspirations, and no one wishes for their name to be forgotten when they’re gone. Josiah emphasises that a partner should be someone who cherishes your dreams as much as you do, ensuring that your legacy lives on through your children and the accomplishments you’ve achieved together.

“No one wants their name to be forgotten when they are gone. No one wants to be just another person who had gifts and talents that are now forgotten. We pair up as couples for sex, companionship, frienship, children, unity of purpose, and to create a team,” he said.

Josiah’s wisdom suggests that we shouldn’t be lured by external appearances. A pretty face or a charming personality may be alluring, but they don’t guarantee a lasting, meaningful connection. He points out that superficial qualities like these can fade over time, leaving a relationship hollow and unfulfilled.

“So don’t look at a pretty face with a lost soul and no goals or a charmer with a lot of money and no direction unless your goal is temporary in which Case voice it as a temporary relationship.”

The core of a strong partnership, according to Josiah, lies in shared values, and a deep emotional connection. He encourages his followers to look for a partner who possesses a sense of purpose and direction, someone who is driven by more than just fleeting desires or material wealth.

The concept of forever is often underappreciated in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world. Josiah, however, brings our attention to the gravity of the word “forever.” He reminds us that we all have a forever, and choosing a partner who can walk beside us throughout this lifelong journey is crucial.

“But if you’re looking at a person with a family in mind then look for a person you can entrust your name, your dreams, your children and your forever with. Because forever IS A MIGHTY LONG TIME & we all have a forever. LIVE 🦋 LOVE 💕 LAUGH 😆” he added.