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Dorea Chege: Why I’ve not boarded a matatu for a decade

By Rajab Zawadi November 8th, 2023 2 min read

Actress Dorea Chege appears to be in love both on and off the script.

Engaged to fellow entertainer DJ Bull, the lovebirds have been able to build a healthy relationship that they never shy to parade on social media for their over half a million followers.

But the bubbly actress says being in a serious love relationship with a fellow entertainer is not a situation for the faint-hearted.

To make it work, she says they have set each other boundaries, which include not touching each other’s phones.

“He is a DJ I’m and am an actress there has to be certain boundaries to make it work. Looking at it pragmatically and logically, practically when he is out there deejaying he will have to interact with a lot of women it’s just part of his job. On my end when I’m on set there are men too and men will always be men you know. So without setting boundaries for ourselves how we conduct ourselves when together and in our creative spaces then the relationship can be really hard to keep up with,” she explains.

The actress also observes having made their relationship public, they have to deal with the immense pressure of being a celebrity couple.

“With fame, you can’t be yourself, society forces you to be somebody you are not. We can’t do normal stuff other couples do publicly lest we end up on blogs.  For instance, we can’t board a matatu, I haven’t boarded one in 10 years.” She says.

Another scenario she shared is the fact that “We can’t genuinely borrow money from someone for fear of being ‘exposed’ yet the truth is we also get broke. We can’t go to certain places because people will judge us.” She adds.

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