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Dr. Ofweneke publicly blasts ‘controversial’ radio presenter

Comedian Sande Bush alias Dr. Ofweneke has threatened unspecified action against a radio presenter who called and asked him questions about his personal life.

Ofweneke who appeared upset in the interview, blasted the presenter while accusing him to stop looking for sadness in people’s lives.

“If we’re together or not (with my wife) where’s the problem? So you want to proudly pay your rent and bills with my bad news, I will not allow you,” Dr. Ofweneke remarked.

“I am not a small boy, I am old in the industry. I am a voice of command in this industry. You’re calling to ask about my family because I don’t post them,”

Dr. Ofweneke further told the radio presenter he was indeed in a happy marriage despite the fact that he was not posting his family anymore.

“This thing of poking and looking for sadness in people’s lives, this thing will bite you and you will remember this day. I and my wife are okay and we are happy. I am in a happy marriage, but I don’t need to explain that to the public including you,”

Angered by the presenter’s move, Dr. Ofweneke threatened he will call the station’s management to formally complain about the matter.

“You cannot call people looking for sadness in their lives. You’re doing this thing the wrong way and I will talk to your bosses. And I have done this deliberately, that’s why I don’t post my family anymore,”

This, however, is not the first time the said journalist has been blasted by celebrities.

In a similar case, Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones was incensed after the radio presenter accused him of being a deadbeat dad.

The rapper quickly shut down the question and told the presenter to be relevant in his work right before hanging up on him abruptly.

Some of the other celebrities the controversial journalist has collided with in the past include Vera Sidika, Samidoh, Bahati, Arrow Bwoy, and Octopizzo, to mention a few.