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Kaindi refuses to leave office without dismissal letter

Drama gripped police headquarters from Thursday afternoon to Friday morning as Grace Kaindi held on to her position as Deputy Inspector-General of Police.

Her supposed replacement, General Service Unit (GSU) commandant Joel Mboya Kitili, had on Thursday morning reported to Vigilance House to take up the position in an acting capacity, but was shocked when Ms Kaindi refused to conduct an official handover.


Ms Kaindi insisted on being given a dismissal or sacking letter before she can leave office.

Later in the afternoon, Inspector General Joseph Boinett and Mr Kitili stormed Vigilance House to prevail on Ms Kaindi to leave office, but she did not budge.

Frustrated, IG Boinett and Mr Kitili left Vigilance house in a huff to an unknown destination.

Reports indicate that National Police Service Commission chairman Johnston Kavuludi will deliver the letter Friday at 7am.

The three drivers attached to Ms Kaindi were on Thursday evening ordered to surrender the car keys. Her official car and chase cars spent the night at the police headquarters.

All officers working at Vigilance house have also been directed to park their vehicles outside the main parking area.

A Superintendent of Police (SP) has been put in charge of the main gate.

Mr Kitili was already in office by Friday dawn.