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Drama as Mr Ibu’s daughter Jasime takes over comedian’s IG

In the wake of Nollywood legend Mr Ibu’s passing, controversy has erupted over the management of his social media accounts, particularly his TikTok page, by his adopted daughter, Jasmine.

Jasmine, whose relationship with the late actor has been a subject of public interest, reportedly took over Mr Ibu’s TikTok account, which boasts over 1 million followers, within hours of his demise.

The page, formerly known as @realmribu, has now been rebranded as @LadyJasminec_live, with most of Mr Ibu’s videos removed and replaced with content featuring herself.

This move has sparked outrage among Mr Ibu’s devoted fans, who view the alteration of his social media presence as disrespectful to his memory.

Many argue that his accounts should serve as a tribute to his illustrious career and life, rather than being repurposed for personal gain.

Renowned media personality Dr Olukemi Olunloyo expressed her concerns, questioning the motive behind Jasmine’s actions.

She stated, “Mr Ibu’s cause of death is a CARDIAC ARREST, which is consistent with his multiple ailments. However, why did his adopted daughter Jasmine change all his handles to her name on IG and TikTok? They should have MEMORIALIZED it.”

In contrast, some supporters of Jasmine have come to her defense, asserting that she was the original creator of the page and played a significant role in its growth.

Iykemond, a vocal supporter, stated: “She was the one that created that page and built it. And she changed the name since the last altercation she had with the wife. She didn’t just do that now. Tosin always be sure before capping. May his soul rest in peace.”

Mr Ibu, passed away on March 2, 2024, following a cardiac arrest, as confirmed by Emeka Rollas, the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

The late actor’s family has since shared a video capturing his acceptance of death moments before his passing.

“Everything happens exactly in God’s own time. When the time comes, it has come,” he said.

News of Mr Ibu’s illness first surfaced online in October 2023, during his 62nd birthday celebration.

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