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Duale: ICC is ‘seeking revenge’ on Uhuru and Ruto

Leader of Majority in the National Assembly Aden Duale has reintroduced the International Criminal Court (ICC) narrative into the general elections campaign.

This after Mr Duale declared that the Hague based court is now seeking “revenge” on Kenya, after prosecutor Fatou Bensouda lost her cases against President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto.

Speaking on Sunday during a campaign tour of  Western Kenya, Duale also claimed that the European court would be banking on evidence “concocted by the opposition” should President Kenyatta lose the elections.


“ICC as a court has confirmed it was never about justice. What ICC now wants is revenge and Kenyans will not allow them. You cannot say you are waiting for a particular Government to reopen the ICC cases, unless you are saying you want to help in concocting the evidence,” said Duale.

Duale’s sentiments come in the wake of reports that the ICC is interested in reopening the cases, in the event that President Kenyatta loses in the August 8 general elections.

President Kenyatta and and Mr Ruto were both acquitted by the ICC for crimes against humanity for lack of sufficient evidence, although at the time Bensouda blamed the Kenyan government for not co-operating.