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Dumb gang tried robbing an armed man, he killed one of them

A gang in Juja town got the shock of their lives on Thursday night when their attempt to rob a lone man turned tragic and funny.

The armed gang waylaid the man who was walking home from a local butchery. Unknown to them, the man is a licensed firearm holder who had carried along his gun.

The thugs intercepted him and tried to rob him at gun point, according to the police. But the courageous man quickly whipped out his gun and fired first, killing one gang member on the spot and injuring two others.

Shocked, the other gang members fled to safety, leaving behind their injured colleagues.

Police added that the thug who was shot dead had earlier led the gang in hijacking a matatu and robbing passengers before escaping.

According to a police report, the robbers had alighted at Kimbo and fled towards Matangi-ini road.

While escaping, is when they intercepted the resident who is a licensed gun holder.