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Egerton University names and shames alumni with fee balances on Facebook

Former students of Egerton University are a worried lot after the learning institution published their school debts and fees balances online.

The students termed the publication unfair and unjustified as some had balances of as little as fifteen cents and between one and three shillings.

The list of defaulters was uploaded on the university’s website, The institution then alerted those affected via Facebook.

“Egerton University wishes to notify those listed in the link below have unpaid fees arrears and are required to make necessary arrangements to pay on or before August 31, 2016,” the post read in part.


That is not all, the university has threatened to report the defaulters to the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) if the money is not cleared by end month.

This means if the university goes ahead with the threats, the affected students could then be denied loans or be lent at exorbitant interest rates as they will be deemed to be risk borrowers.

The 82-page posting has thousands of names with the least balance being 15 cents and the highest being Sh608,000.

The Facebook post was inundated with comments from shocked ex-students.

Dennis Tumo wondered how those with balances running into hundreds of shillings graduated, while Muhilianah B. Maureen thought the institution had poor record keeping,

“Egerton just had poor records management systems. When studying there be sure to keep receipts of payments.”

Nyabuto Emily Barongo was shocked to see the different types of balances, “I’ve seen several people with balances of less than 20bob. More shocking is one with a balance of 15 cents.”

Others wondered how their “caution” money was utilized.

“To date haven’t received my caution money…what about it?” wrote Man’geni Charles.