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Kidero, Kirubi on chopping board for asking to meet Mya

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero and industrialist Chris Kirubi were savagely attacked on Twitter after they scrummed to land a ‘date’ with American singer, Mya, who is in town for The Plot bash on Saturday.

The two separately sent out toe-curling tweets to Jeff Koinange when he interviewed the sassy entertainer on his show JKL, asking him to deliver her for separate meetings.

While Mr Kidero was asking for an official meeting (it had actually been planned already), Mr Kirubi, or DJ CK as he is known socially, was angling for a date.

It all started when Mya said she would date a Kenyan man, on this one condition.

So DJ CK jumped at the chance.

He then, perhaps, remembered he hadn’t attached pictorial evidence.

And a phone call to JKL.

Not to be outdone, Governor Kidero, who is to meet Mya, Ginuwine and 112 later on Friday, jumped onto the wagon. He later realized it was a mistake and deleted the tweet, although someone had already taken a screenshot.


Someone even conducted an opinion poll on Twitter.

Then the trolls became ungovernable.

One thought Dr Kidero’s invite was dishonor to Kenyans.

Then this.