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Eight best places for a quickie with your spouse away from home

To keep the fire burning in the bedroom, you will need to keep mixing things up. One way to do this is to keep changing the places where you and your significant other get intimate.

Here is a look into places you want to consider for that quick roll in the hay.

1. A wedding – Yes, a wedding. Why should the bride and groom be the only ones to have fun on this day? The best part about stealing a few moments to enjoy some intimacy with your significant other while attending a wedding is that hardly anyone will notice that you are gone.

2. The cab – This is another excellent location for slipping those stolen intimate moments. You might have however, to pay your cabbie a little extra for him to look the other way.

3. The movies – Another excellent location for quick, stolen intimate moments. With the surround sound, you will be able to get away with it.

4. The club – This is the one location that has everything right. The music, the dim lights, the adrenaline and everyone rubbing up against each other… your significant other will not need much prodding to agree to it.

5. The garage – There is something very masculine about garages. If you accompany your significant other to the garage, if you are a well dressed woman, you will definitely stand out. If you are the only feminine thing in an utterly masculine space, your significant other will definitely want to steal moments with you.

6. A fitting room – The best part about sneaking away with your partner into the fitting room in a clothes shop is that risk of getting caught. With the excitement, this might just be the best intimate moment the two of you have shared.

7. The beach – Now that it is near Christmas and all Nairobi folks are trooping to the coastal towns, it is good to know that the beach, the sun and sand would be a perfect place to sneak a grab or two. The ocean provides the perfect backdrop for this.

8. A concert – Are you and your significant other attending a concert this season? That would be another ideal place for some intimacy. Try it.