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8 Kenyan celebs who were a big let down in 2022

Kenyans endured so much social media drama in 2022. We were treated to intense celeb dramas we had no business knowing but enjoyed following, anyway, and choosing sides. And now that we are in 2023, we hope to not experience the divided public opinion when these celebs let us down proper in 2022.

1. Vera Sidika – Arguably the biggest clout chaser in Kenya. She is known to create drama to keep her name in the public domain. The biggest one yet? When she claimed she had very bad health problems occasioned by her big assets and she had to have her implants removed to save her life. She is popular for having a large nyash having undergone several surgeries to alter her body so it came as a shock when she announced she had her nyash reduced and cut to size. Well, turns out it was just clout chasing prior to her releasing a subpar rap song that did not take off past her social media platform. She endured the vitriol that accompanied her lies even as she tried to defend herself. Shikwekwe, let’s hope you are a better person in 2023.

Kenyan gospel artiste Kevin Bahati and his wife Diana Marua. PHOTO | COURTESY
Kenyan gospel artiste Kevin Bahati and his wife Diana Marua. PHOTO | COURTESY

2. Diana and Bahati – Probably taking notes from Vera Sidika, these two are the biggest clout chasing couple in Kenya. Any reason is cause for them to record every occurrence in their lives and post it on social media. Their biggest disappointment you ask? When Diana disappeared from social media for two months while heavily pregnant as her husband claimed she was not doing well health-wise. Diana would later emerge to promote Bahati’s new song as more claims emerged that she had a falling out with Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura. We are utterly disappointed that she caused her followers undue worry, wondering if all had been well with her and her unborn baby. Do better fam.

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi dressed up as a woman in his Divalicious show. PHOTO | COURTESY

3. Eric Omondi – His girlfriend, Lynn, recently had a miscarriage a few weeks ago and while she was writhing in pain and mourning her baby, Eric Omondi had the entire traumatic experience recorded and uploaded on social media for all and sundry to see. In Lynn’s toughest moments, when Eric should have been her rock, he was directing videos of her going through the miscarriage, mourning the baby and later recuperating before he took her on vacation – cameras in tow. Let’s leave behind such disappointments in 2022 Eric.

Mugithi singer Samidoh, his wife Edday Nderitu and (right) nominated Senator Karen Nyamu. PHOTOS | NATION MEDIA GROUP

4. Samidoh, Karen Nyamu and Edday Nderitu – These three people were the butt of jokes in matters infidelity but were great fodder and cash cows for news sites. Samidoh, a renowned vernacular singer, chose to cheat on his wife, Edday, with nominated Senator Karen Nyamu and their drama played out on social media for years. Their latest incident? An infamous fight in a Dubai nightclub where Samidoh had been performing with both women in attendance. A drunk Nyamu ended up in a fight with Edday in an absolutely humiliating and unbecoming behaviour for a national leader. Nyamu claimed to have broken up with Samidoh later but I call it PR. Optics. Let’s hope the three – or Samidoh – can get their house in order and stop embarrassing Kenyans abroad going forward.

Nairobi businessman Jimal Mohammed aka Jimal Roho Safi. PHOTO | COURTESY

5. Jimal Roho Safi – There has to be a special name for Jimal. How do you cheat on your wife, humiliate your family for the sake of affairs with Instagram influencers? And when the stench hits the fan, you cry wolf and try going back to your wife? If you can’t keep your philandering a secret, at least keep it private and off social media for the sake of the family you are messing up. Jimal, if you can’t keep it cool, keep it private in 2023. We know you love women, you enjoy spending money but you’re kind of too much. Don’t disappoint people any further in 2023.

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