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Eight frequently asked questions about iPhone 8

For 10 years Apple fans have managed to sustain this strong bond with the brand – it has been a decade since the first iPhone was released.

Apple still brings out a new phone every year and 2017 is set to be no different with the tenth-anniversary iPhone having a drastic redesign.

The rumour mill has been crazy with speculations. Here is a compilation of some of the most asked iPhone 8 questions.

1. So what will the next iPhone be called? We all know that Apple has followed a common pattern since the 3G. It releases a new phone with serious cosmetic change and a year later trails it with an improved “s” model.

The last iPhone was the iPhone 7. However, this year marks a radical change for the iPhone hence the other suggestions are the… iPhone 8, iPhone Edition or the iPhone X.

2. Cost wise, this device is said to be Apple’s most expensive handset, with its cost being more than $1,000. So you better start saving some if you want to get this device.

3. Apple has developed a pretty reliable release pattern. A new iPhone tends to be unveiled in early September. However, one report claims the new phot may not be available to buy until the fourth quarter in limited quantity, while another claim it may not arrive until 2018.

4. The iPhone 8 will have a curved sharp OLED display. Apple is said to have signes a contract with Samsung Display to supply curved OLED screens for the iPhone 8, marking their move from the previous LCD displays to integrating OLED technology in its phones.

5. Home button for who? This device is rumoured not have a home button. Apple will apparently replace Touch ID with a new ultrasonic sensor. So it’s either owners suffering a slow but convenient fingerprint sensor underneath the display, or having a fast sensor awkwardly located on the back of the device.

6. To the security system; the iPhone could feature a revamped security system in which owners unlock the device using their face rather than fingerprint. The 3D scanning system could replace Touch ID as a way to verify payments, log in to apps and unlock the phone. The scanner can work at different angles. They could also have the iris scanning technology, which are all offered in the S8.

7. Wireless charging could actually happen. After removing the controversial headphone jack, the least they can do is incorporate the wireless charging capability and not let users suffer through lightning ports.

8. And finally, this device will have an almost bezel-less design and a Dual-lens rear camera paving way for the edge-to-edge screen. This could see the replacement of  the aluminium frame with a glass back, and a screen that curves around the sides of the phone. This will allow Apple to increase the screen size of the iPhone without increasing its actual footprint for the 5 to the 5.8-inch screens, which have been rumoured.

It has also been rumoured that Apple is set to launch three versions of the iPhone 8 next year, including a new 5inch handset.