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Eight things you did not know about orgasms

January 9th, 2016 2 min read


Women are certainly interested in orgasms, but rarely talk about the subject in public. Here are few things yo need to know about the subject:

1. How long does it take to reach orgasm?

This question can sound vague, but having “good sex” is the most important thing to reach orgasm. The more foreplay there is, the more chance of full orgasmic satisfaction. Furthermore, 20 minutes of satisfying sexual intercourse is enough to have an orgasm, although there is a widespread myth that more than an hour is needed. Unfortunately, an orgasm does not last more than 20 seconds.

2. Exercising can lead to orgasm

Women can experience an orgasm in the middle of fitness exercise or doing yoga. Mostly, women reach orgasm while squatting. This is because the exercise asks you to raise your legs slowly and close your hips. Horseback riding especially without a saddle is a good outdoor exercise that can deliver orgasmic pleasure.

3. Making noise and talking dirty can lead to orgasm

The less you control the volume of sexual sounds including moans and sighs, the more chances you have to reach orgasm. This also encourages your partner to new heights in pleasuring you.

4. Are sex positions more orgasm friendly?

Sex position highly influences on the female orgasm, because some positions stimulate a woman’s vaginal walls more thoroughly. The “doggy style” and “woman on top” positions are the most popular orgasm-inducing positions.

5. Orgasm becomes better with age

The expression “practice makes perfect” applies to sex. The more you experience sex, the more you have a chance to have an orgasm. There is a scientific reason to support the argument that orgasms become better with age. This is because women are nervous and sensitive, and having good sex calms all these symptoms. Statistics have shown women think orgasm becomes better with age.

6. You can have an orgasm while sleeping

Sometimes your brain sends signals to your body even when you sleep. Regardless of whether you have erotic dreams or not, you can experience orgasm when the blood flow reaches the highest point.

7. Orgasmic facial expression has a scientific explanation

Facial expression is the hardest to conceal. Closed eyes and a semi-smile are the unfeigned indicators of true pleasure.

8. The mental orgasm is not a myth

Mental orgasm can happen during communication and visual stimulation. Many women might be shy to admit it, but women can reach an orgasm alone by watching videos, movies, and or through explicit talks or “dirty” words.