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Elgeyo Marakwet Governor Wisley Rotich flags off 22 students for further studies

By Stanley Kimuge September 27th, 2023 2 min read

Elgeyo Marakwet governor Wesley Rotich has announced plans to airlift 100 students for further studies in Australia, the United States of America, and Canada.

He made the commitment while flagging off the first batch of students headed to Australia.

He said he had negotiated with colleges for subsidized fees as he noted the demand for financial statements had locked out students.

“I have managed to make it easier for our students to go for studies abroad. One key element that also denied me this opportunity was the demand for a financial statement. Some of the parents don’t even have bank accounts,” said the county boss.

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He also urged the students to exercise caution while in their new environment, warning them not to be taken away by the new lifestyle they are accustomed to.

The cost of the program ranges from Sh600,000 per semester depending on the courses applied for as depending on the college one has been admitted to.

The PEPEA program involves an MOU with foreign universities where students get employed upon completion of their studies. In August 2023, the governor flagged off three students to study at Harding University in the United States under the same program.

Some of the residents have termed the program as an eye-opening opportunity and were hopeful that the lives of the young people who failed to secure opportunities in the country.

Stephen Kiplal whose wife is among the beneficiaries said he was happy that the process was smooth with no hindrance.

“When I heard about the program, I said to my wife why don’t you try, she did so and she was picked. I would like to thank the governor for giving us such an opportunity,” stated Mr Kiplal.