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Elite schools that will remain open

By MERCY NJOKI September 18th, 2015 1 min read

It costs parents an arm and a leg to sustain their children in these international schools. With fees of upwards of Sh1.2 million annually, obviously, these are not meant for every Tom, Dick and Harry.

The schools are a darling of wealthy expatriates, senior executives in the private sector, businessmen as well as top government officials, including ministers, principal secretaries and parastatal chiefs.

On any day, it is routine to find a number of choppers landing in these affluent schools while educational trips are made abroad.

And for all the effort, the parents will reap the benefits since the schools will remain open after Monday. Oh, and their curriculum are mainly IGCSE – not 8-4-4.

Speaking to Nairobi News on phone, the Education ministry public relations officer Kennedy Buhere said:

“The only schools that will be affected by the closure order are those that offer 8-4-4 education system and are registered with the Kenya National Examination Council.”

Schools that offer International Curriculum will therefore continue with their activities uninterrupted.

The schools include:

1. Banda School

2. Brookhouse School

3. Hillcrest International School

4. International School of Kenya

5. GEMS Cambridge International School

6. The Netherlands School

7. Braeburn Schools

8. Brookhurst International School

9. STEM International School

10. Deutsche Schule Nairobi

11. Lycée Denis Diderot

12. Swedish School of Nairobi

13. Rosslyn Academy

14. Rusinga School

15. West Nairobi School