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Eliud Owalo urges youth to use free government WiFi get online jobs

ICT Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo, has urged the youth to take advantage of the government’s rollout of free Wi-Fi hotspots in public places to get online jobs.

Speaking at the official opening of the digital laboratory at Mawego Technical Institute in Karachuonyo constituency, Owalo called upon the youth to embrace this program claiming it will help address the scarcity of blue-collar jobs,

“Internet connectivity is a top priority in the Kenya Kwanza agenda to provide jobs for youths and women. The government is implementing free Wi-Fi in markets and educational institutions,” stated Owalo.

He encouraged them to register for training in relevant institutions to acquire the necessary technical skills required for online employment.

Owalo emphasised that accessing employment opportunities in the digital market through online platforms is the way forward for the youth.

“Internet connectivity, both in urban areas and rural villages, is a key agenda of the Kenya Kwanza administration to create more job prospects for the youth,” Owalo highlighted.

Owalo highlighted that his ministry has developed a comprehensive blueprint to ensure that every part of the country is connected to the internet.

The government has already made significant progress in connecting various locations to the internet through different platforms, particularly in Nyanza and Nairobi (City Market).

The government plans to enroll 25,000 similar installations countrywide.

The initiative aims to bridge the unemployment gap by leveraging the power of digital technologies.

By utilizing the free Wi-Fi hotspots provided by the government, young Kenyans can access online job opportunities and expand their prospects in the digital marketplace.

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