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Pritty Vishy comments on ex-boyfriend Stivo Simple Boy’s financial struggles

Kenyan socialite Pritty Vishy has garnered attention once again as she avidly follows the unfolding events in the life of her ex-boyfriend, Stevo Simple Boy.

This time, it was Stevo’s wife who openly discussed their financial struggles, prompting Pritty to offer her own commentary, as she often does.

Using her Instagram stories as a platform, Pritty expressed her belief that infidelity is a universal trait among men. In a provocative statement, she declared, “Just a reminder, go for looks; even the ugly ones cheat.” Such a sentiment is bound to draw condemnation, considering the criticisms she herself has faced regarding her appearance. Pritty has repeatedly faced shaming but has courageously confronted and fought back against the negative comments.

Their previous breakup years ago was not without its share of drama. Stevo attributed the end of their relationship to Pritty’s poor manners and disagreeable attitude. 

In a 2022 interview with a local publication, he openly admitted his waning attraction towards her, emphasizing her disloyalty and confrontational nature as contributing factors to their separation. “She is no longer my type. I would tell her something, and she would do the opposite. I got tired,” Stevo disclosed candidly.

Interestingly, it later came to light that it was Pritty who initiated the breakup, leading to a back-and-forth exchange of comments between the former couple. In a recent interview on Lynn Ngugi’s show, Pritty revealed that she has been married three times, all of which ended in failure. This revelation further piqued curiosity about her personal life.

Expanding on her own experiences, Pritty took to her YouTube channel to discuss why she never had children in any of her marriages. She openly admitted that two of her former partners were already married when they entered into relationships with her. Her revelations shed light on her journey through multiple marriages and the complexities she encountered.

Pritty Vishy’s ongoing interest in Stevo Simple Boys’ life has once again thrust her into the spotlight.

Her bold and sometimes controversial statements, coupled with her own personal experiences, continue to captivate the public’s attention. Despite facing criticism for her looks and past actions, Pritty remains unapologetically herself, navigating the intricacies of relationships and striving to find her own happiness.

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