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Elsa Majimbo: 200k people unfollowed me because I am evolved

Social media influencer and comedian Elsa Majimbo has candidly revealed losing a substantial number of followers on her Instagram page due to her authentic evolution.

According to Elsa, approximately 200k followers have unfollowed her in the past two weeks as she embraces the lifestyle she has always desired.

In a heartfelt statement, Elsa shared, “I have evolved into the person who I have always wanted to be – enjoying rich shopping, spa days, and a country club lifestyle. That is the life I wanted, and that is the life I have built for myself. However, some people prefer to see the more broke girl I was before.”

Acknowledging the shift in her content, Elsa expressed her decision not to compromise her happiness for the sake of others.

“I know what to do, how to act to keep this huge following, but I decided not to diminish my happiness to make other people happy. If you can’t grow with me, I would rather you just leave.”

In yet another video, Elsa questioned why some chose bullying over allowing her the freedom to live authentically.

“Y’all are so funny. Abeg why am I being bullied today?” she wrote.

Responding to claims that money had changed her, Elsa clarified that she was never humble but rather a product of her circumstances.

In a video response to haters, she confidently stated, “I have seen a lot of comments from people saying how money has changed me so much. Of course, it has, are you joking? I was never humble, I was a victim of my circumstances.”

Elsa further addressed her transformed style, attributing it to her financial success, saying,

“Oh what happened to the old Elsa, oh money changed her. She got her money up, and my net worth went through the roof, that’s what happened to the old Elsa. Ooh her style has changed so much, yeah, I am rich now. Even the laugh is rich.”

The unapologetic comedian concluded by expressing contentment in her decision to be true to herself, despite the loss of followers.

“I hate to see so many people unfollow me, but I love to be me,” Elsa Majimbo affirmed.