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Secret Santa: What not to gift a loved one this Christmas

The festive season is here and we all think about what presents we should get for our loved ones. In our quest to find the perfect items, we don’t really think about what we should not give. To be sure you don’t spoil a loved one’s Holidays, here are some gifts you should avoid giving for Christmas.

  1. Underwear Garments

There’s a reason why underwear pieces are called “unmentionables.” Sure, it might seem like a sexy gift for your girlfriend, but save it for Valentine’s Day.

It might be very awkward to open that gift in a room full of family members. Plus, you might end up getting something they don’t feel comfortable wearing.

Underwear is a personal kind of purchase. They might feel good shopping for it themselves, but it may feel awkward coming from somewhere else.

  1. Shoes

Men and their shoes, wah! Please if you have not consulted him on the kind of shoe he prefers don’t dare because it will either end up tucked in a corner of the shoe rack or it will be given away to that friend that you dislike. Shoes are a great gift but only when you are in full consultation with the recipient which means they can’t be a perfect Christmas surprise gift.

  1. Nylon socks

Whatever you do please don’t buy a pair of socks of a material that you have never seen in his closet. Men are very specific on what they wear and quality always comes first so if the pair you are eyeing is not 100 per cent cotton just let it pass.

  1. Teddy bears

These are a no no for children who are either teenagers or about to become teens. Children in those stages of life are struggling to grow up and so the last thing they need is a confirmation from you that they are still babies. It would be better to give them a voucher so that they get to exercise their independence.

  1. Deodorants and body wash

Please let her girlfriends be the ones buying her such because the fragrance will either not impress her or she will assume that you are trying to say that she has body odour. I know this may be petty to some but for others it is such a big deal that you will have to do a lot of explaining on why you settled on that particular gift.

  1. Utensils

Do not get your wife a Christmas gift of some non-stick cooking pots. Non-stick is definitely the classiest utensil you can buy someone but please that is not a Christmas gift to an individual. A more personal gift is most appropriate for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries so save the pots for an ordinary day gift and trust me they will be appreciated then.

  1. Money donations for a cause

Thinking about giving money to a cause with their name on it? You may want to rethink that gift. Unless you are sure that they support that cause, these gifts are not that appreciated.

For example, they may love pets, but this may not be a good excuse to donate to the pet shelter. Maybe they believe more in supporting the local hospital for children.

Giving money for Christmas is weird enough as it is. However, if you want to do that, just give it to the recipient instead. They will be the ones to choose who they want to give the money to.