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Elsa Majimbo promises to educate underprivileged girls in Kenya

US-based Kenyan comedienne Elsa Majimbo has promised to use her money and educate underprivileged girls in Kenya.

The 22-year-old sensation expressed her desire to give back to society saying that “hoarding money will forever be weird to me”.

“I’m going to take Kenyan girls to school and be a source for giving people better lives. Amen! From my mouth to God’s ears,” she posted on X.

Adding, “Step one was the money, step 2 is giving it to the people who need it”.

This is not the first time she has been generous, in July 2023, Elsa revealed that despite her considerable earnings, she felt compelled to give back rather than hoard her wealth.

Elsa who recently confirmed her split with American DJ Hkeem acknowledged that while she enjoys the finer things in life, there are people who are in greater need and could benefit from her financial resources.

The young comedian emphasized that while she indulges in luxuries such as flying first class and owning designer bags, she recognises that there is still an abundance of wealth beyond her personal needs.

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This will come as a surprise to many especially in Kenya after she said in 2022 that she will never go back to Kenya due to her “complicated relationship” with Kenyans.

In an interview with Forbes, Elsa said she fell out with Kenyans when she became a global internet sensation at the height of the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020 through her funny videos.

The entertainer claimed that Kenyans on social media were quick to bully her with colorist remarks and that they were praying for her downfall.

“I have a very complicated relationship with Nairobi. When things started going on well for me there was a lot of backlash against me and there were a lot of colorist things said towards me and surprisingly it’s people from Kenya who were doing that and they were bullying me on the internet,” she told Forbes.

“They were hell-bent on my failure and it was so absurd. When the whole world was cheering me on Kenya was praying for my downfall so when I got the chance I packed my bags and I left. I’ll go to see my family but I left and I’m never going back.”

Despite her promise, a few months later she shared pictures on social media while enjoying a holiday on the white beaches of Diani.

She shared pictures of herself with the caption, ‘by the sea’, with the location showing Diani Beach, Kenya.