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Comedian Elsa Majimbo shares rare encounter with racism in the US

Renowned comedienne Elsa Majimbo recently opened up about a seldom occurrence of racism she faced while residing in the United States.

In a TikTok video, Majimbo highlighted that, despite racism being prevalent in America, she has encountered it infrequently due to her residence in diverse areas like Los Angeles (L.A), West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills.

The incident she recounted took place in Malibu when she ordered a cab. Attempting to enter the cab, she found the door locked.

“Very rarely have I faced racism in America not to say that there’s little racism in America, there’s a lot of racism in America its just I live in L.A (Los Angeles) which is more diverse and also I stay in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills the entire time living here so I’m not really exposed to more.”

The cab driver requested proof of her ride by asking her to show the booking details on her phone.

“I tried to open the car door and it was locked. He (the cab driver)  rose down his window a little bit and he was like, proof to me it you. You have to show me your phone and say it says I have to pick you up. ”

In a separate TikTok video posted in November, the 22-year-old comedian shared the reasons behind her decision to leave Kenya at the age of 19.

She candidly discussed facing discrimination and negativity based on her dark skin, leading her to seek a more supportive environment abroad.

Majimbo expressed the challenges of growing up with derogatory comments about her skin tone, including remarks like “oh, you are so dark” and “look at that tint.”

She felt that such attitudes hindered her progress in Kenya, prompting her strategic move to pursue opportunities and recognition in the US.

The comedian clarified that her decision was not rooted in adopting a victim mentality but in seeking a place where her skin complexion was appreciated.