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Gaucho tells Osoro to respect Kisii people amidst ongoing supremacy battle

Calvince Okoth aka Gaucho also known as the Ghetto president has issued a heartfelt plea to South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro to demonstrate respect for the people of Kisii County.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, Gaucho said that the two leaders, Osoro and Kisii Governor Simba Arati should find better ways to solve their supremacy battle.

“Mr Osoro should extend his respect to the people of Kisii. Some of those affected by recent events are like parents to him. It is crucial for the two leaders to find an amicable way to resolve their differences,” expressed Gaucho during the exclusive interview with Nairobi News.

While acknowledging the political ambitions of Osoro, Gaucho remained steadfast in asserting that, regardless of his efforts, Osoro could not measure up to the stature of Governor Arati.

“I understand Mr. Osoro’s aspiration to become the Kingpin of Kisii County. However, strategic leadership requires more than just ambition. Osoro should take a measured and considerate approach,” advised Gaucho.

His sentiment came just a few days after the political differences between the two degenerated into a physical confrontation that left at least four people injured and several vehicles destroyed.

Gunshots rented the air as the two camps took on each other, forcing attendees of Arati’s rally to run for their dear lives.

The confrontation happened in South Mugirango, Osoro’s constituency, where the county chief had gone to address a rally.

The attacks are probably the ugliest in the history of their political battles.

In February 2021, the two fought on the podium during a funeral service attended by Ruto, who was then Deputy President, and Raila Odinga.

On Tuesday, hundreds of residents who had gathered to listen to the governor were forced to scatter in various directions as gunshots rent the air.

Later, the two traded barbs as they accused each other of orchestrating the violence.