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Esther Chebet: My struggles with mental health

Kenyan content creator star Esther Chebet has candidly revealed her recent two-week stay in a mental institution, shedding light on her ongoing battle with depression and anxiety.

In a recent interview, Chebet disclosed that she had been admitted to a mental hospital for two weeks.

The genesis of this unexpected hospitalisation came when Chebet experienced four consecutive days of debilitating migraines. Concerned for her well-being, her family encouraged her to seek medical attention.

“I was admitted to a mental hospital for two weeks. I did not go willingly. I got migraines for four days consecutively. My family asked me to go get checked. I would be treated, fed, and just rest. It was an institution where people just wanted to maintain some mental sanity,” said Chebet.

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She said the facility aimed to provide individuals with a supportive environment to preserve mental well-being. Despite the challenges she faced, Chebet expressed that she currently finds herself in a positive space.

“Right now I am in a good place.”

Downplaying her celebrity status, Chebet remarked, “It was not a big deal; I do not see myself as a celebrity.”

This statement underscores her humility and a desire to break down stigmas surrounding mental health, reinforcing the notion that seeking help is a universal need.

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Chebet’s journey with mental health struggles goes back to her adolescence, as she began experiencing migraines as early as Class 7.

“I started getting migraines in Class 7,” she recounted.

She also opened up about the impact of being raised by a stepdad, which exacerbated her anxiety.

“My mum came with me to her marriage. My relationship with my step-family was not easy. Being an outsider and a misfit was not easy,” she said.

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The challenges she faced in navigating her role as an outsider within the step-family contributed to the deterioration of her mental health.

She admitted that she felt a lack of acceptance from her stepdad, who seemed unprepared to assume a paternal role.

“At some point, my mum became single. I do not know where my stepdad went to. Depression and anxiety came from that,” she said.

The instability and uncertainty surrounding her family situation fueled her mental health struggles, underscoring the complex interplay between personal relationships and one’s mental well-being.