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Wanaume mtawezana? Ssaru wa Mambaru sets dowry bar high at a billion

Rapper Sylvia Saru, alias Ssaru wa Mambaru, has candidly discussed her views on marriage and the steep price tag attached to her dowry.

The talented artist shared insights into her future plans during a recent performance, revealing that the amount her potential suitor would need to cough up stands at a staggering billion.

Speaking to bloggers, Ssaru humorously addressed her current relationship status, stating:

“Let me tell you, I want to tell my current bae, but of course, I don’t want to get married right now. I want to wait a couple of years. But every year, the amount increases; it’s like a billion shillings, just like that.”

The Kayole-born rapper drew a comparison to the financial investment made by fellow artist Khaligraph Jones in his home, claiming:

“If you can spend that much on a house, sasa kulipia msee kama mimi billioni pia ni tatizo” (now paying for someone like me a billion is also a challenge).

Asserting her self-worth, Ssaru confidently stated:

“I bring the table. Let me just tell you, I am not just a table; I am a full dining set. In fact, I am the food that you are going to dine on in that dining set,” accompanied by a lighthearted laugh.

The Kaskie Vibaya singer acknowledged her career’s upward trajectory and addressed criticism from certain sections of the Kenyan audience about some of her songs.

“At the end of the day, the goal was to achieve this goal. Mafans wanatukalia ngumu bana,” she remarked about the challenges and support in her musical journey.

Just recently, controversial gospel singer, Justina Syokau said she was looking for a billionaire to marry her.

“I want a billionaire. Dowry payment is in Machakos my home, You must pay two billion.” Syokau stated.

YouTuber Pritty Vishy told any interested man who wants to marry her to put their finances in order as her dowry is set at 2million.