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Pastor Ng’ang’a threatens to curse those seeking to dispossess him of church land

Controversial preacher, Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a has responded to his detractors over the legal dispute regarding a parcel of land that his Neno Evangelism Church is situated.

Addressing his congregation during a recent sermon at the church, Pastor Ng’ang’a threatens to cursed his adversaries in the ongoing land dispute.

He boldly stated that he legally acquired the land and has been entangled in a longstanding conflict with Kenya Railways Corporation.

In his impassioned speech, Pastor Ng’ang’a addressed those challenging his ownership of the land.

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“What I am saying if there are threats. Whether the Railway people or whoever… threaten your agemates and those you went to school with. Your brain and mine are not similar. You finished school while I was already rich.”

The controversial pastor revealed that there had been attempts to seize the dispute land during the previous government’s tenure.

“I bought this land from the Central Bank of Kenya. If there is anyone who stole, go and ask CBK. I took a loan and paid for this land,” he said.

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He further stated that said the value of the land now stands at Sh10 billion, but warned those seeking to possess the land.

“After you give me that money, the land will eat you… I will throw bad spirits at them. I will curse them…” he said.

Recently, Pastor Ng’ang’a accused the government of burdening Kenyans with heavy taxes.

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Addressing his congregation, the preacher vowed to speak truth to power, challenging the authorities to shut down his church if they so wished.

He also lashed out at the government for what he termed as mismanagement of the economy.

He warned the Kenya Kwanza government that if they continue in their current course, divine consequences awaits them.