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EXCLUSIVE: Comedian Eric Omondi shares motivation behind philanthropic approach

Comedian Eric Omondi has pledged to extend his charitable efforts to more Kenyans using his online platforms.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, the comedian turned activist expressed gratitude for the overwhelming love and support he has received from Kenyans on social media.

He says this will motivate him to touch even more lives.

Recently, Eric made headlines after he opened a clothes and shoes store for Victor Juma.

Juma gained public attention for confronting police officers during the anti-government demonstrations, where his child was allegedly teargassed.

Through his Instagram page, Eric also managed to raise over Sh400,000 for Juma’s cause.

“The reason I will not stop helping people is one: my fans have now embraced me and even forgiven me. Have you read the comments below my recent posts? Kenyans are just wishing Eric Omondi the best in life. That is a good feeling. I have fans and friends who are now praying for good things every day,” Eric explained, revealing that he plans to extend his charitable efforts to various counties in Kenya.

While initially supporting individuals using his own funds, Eric says he has seen a surge of interest from Kenyans eager to support their fellow citizens.

As a result, he has now turned to fundraising on his social media platforms to garner collective contributions for various causes.

“These are my fans who have built my brand, and that is why when I ask for their help, they always come through in big ways,” Eric added.

The comedian expressed a willingness to embrace new opportunities, including politics, if his fans push him in that direction.

Eric had previously addressed concerns about Victor Juma’s ability to sustain his new lifestyle after receiving support.

In response, Eric opened a clothing store named “VJ’s” for Juma, aiming to provide him with a means of livelihood.

The official opening of VJ’s store is set for today, August 1, and Eric appeals to everyone to rally behind this new business venture.

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