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EXCLUSIVE: Does Eric Omondi take a percentage from ‘needy’ fundraising efforts?

Comedian Eric Omondi has strongly refuted allegations he takes a portion of the funds contributed by Kenyans through his social media platforms to assist those in need.

Now a renowned activist, Eric has been actively showcasing critical cases of Kenyans seeking assistance, particularly in medical matters.

Responding to the accusations in an interview with Nairobi News, he expressed his disbelief, emphasizing that only an inhumane person would take advantage of individuals facing financial challenges.

He said he only reacts to serious cases that touch Kenyans.

“We do not fundraise for school fees or for weddings or things like ruracios (traditional engagement). Things like those I can be tempted to take some money and keep to myself. I am fundraising for people who are depending on that money to be alive. If you touch that money, you might be cursed. We are dealing with kidney transplants, someone whose son has been in a mortuary for five years and so I would never do that. I would never take any amount from a needy person,” Eric said.

The comedian added that doing that would be like inviting curses to his generation.

“There are so many types of money, there is blood money, there is someone who is killing to get money, and then there is someone who is working hard to get money. Eric Omondi is working hard to earn his income. I would never use that money for my gain.”

Among the distressing cases he brought to the public’s attention, Eric highlighted one where a person had been in the mortuary for five years.

He described it as emotionally challenging and expressed his commitment to shield fellow Kenyans from such painful experiences.

Eric has initiated various fundraising campaigns, including supporting a disabled mother harassed by Nairobi County officers and aiding a grieving mother unable to bury her son for five years.

In the latter case, Kenyans rallied together, contributing over 1.5 million to alleviate the family’s financial burden.

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