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EXCLUSIVE: J Blessing speaks out amid baby mama Avril’s assault allegations

Singer Avril Nyambura on November 14, 2023, shared and swiftly deleted photos showing her bruised face on her Instagram stories.

The disturbing images quickly went viral, eliciting a range of opinions and concerns from online communities.

In the now-deleted post, Avril explicitly called out her baby daddy and renowned music director, J Blessing, with a blunt message: “J Blessing unikome…” followed by explicit language.

Expressing her dismay over the public’s reaction to domestic violence, Avril lashed out at Kenyans, emphasizing the severity of the issue and urging for greater sensitivity.

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She criticized the online mockery of such serious matters and made her remarks on Nairobi Gossip’s Instagram page:

“Going through comments and I’m in utter shock… this is why people never report this shit, post this shit… ’cause y’all make people actually want to kill themselves after all they’ve been through… have a laugh… enjoy… bye.”

Nairobi News contacted J Blessing for a statement, but he declined to discuss the matter.

He laughed it off hinting that if he chooses to address the issue, he would do so through his social media platforms.

Avril’s phone number was unreachable at the time of contact.

Concerned Kenyans took to various online platforms to express their distress over the photos, with many condemning domestic violence and calling for accountability:

Abol Ger: Unfortunately, this is an open secret. Very sad. I hope she gets help!

Craig Austin: I’ve never understood why you’d put hands on someone. If it’s no longer working, walk away. And this goes for both genders because I’ve seen some serious GBV perpetrated by women too. Don’t tolerate abusive partners. Expose them!

I Thriveinchaos: There is no justification for this; he must face the law.

_ms_ngendo: This is extremely heartbreaking,the comments even worse.

@juicykairetu… Our chilled girl Avril getting it rough. Gbv ni a serious issue inaeza affect anyone including public figures it’s important we shed light on the broader problem and address such issues as a society.

Avril and J Blessing have discreetly maintained their relationship and have never made a public declaration about being in a romantic involvement.