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EXCLUSIVE: Michelle Ntalami shares characteristics of ideal partner

Michelle Ntalami’s love life is always under public scrutiny as many of her fans keep a close eye on who this beautiful businesswoman will settle with. 

As a single lady who typically falls on the list of suitable wife material for many eligible bachelors, Ntalami has come out to share three of her top qualities in her ideal soulmate.

In an interview with Nairobi News, the award-winning industrialist shared, “I need him to be kind. I want him funny. I like him TALL!”

She went on to add that throughout her dating life she has learned that some values matter most to her than others, which, under no circumstances is she willing to compromise. 

“Loyalty is the next most important thing after love. Even the strongest love, coupled with the weakest loyalty, will always make for the saddest love story,” she said. 

The Marini Naturals CEO once, a few months back took to her social media to reveal the kind of man she hopes to say ‘I DO’ to. This was after a fan asked her when she plans on getting married in an interactive question-and-answer session she did on her Instagram stories.

“Love, loyalty, attraction, kindness, humor, intelligence, and a healthy fear of God are extremely difficult qualities to find in one person, especially today. But rest assured when I do find this in one, imma make sure they wife me! In a nutshell, it’s God’s planning,” Mitchelle responded. 

She was also asked what turns her on and she answered, “Loyalty, masculinity, dominance, power, depth, wealth, intelligence, kindness, humor, and eye contact if there’s attraction. Jesus!”

She went on to respond to another fan who asked what her deal breaker in a relationship is, to which she said, “Lack of ambition, a bad heart, lies, and cheating.”

The sassy classy entrepreneur’s love life is one that has had its fair share of controversies in the public arena over a long period of time. From who she’s dating to speculations in regards to her relationship with Bold Network Africa founder and CEO, Makena Njeri, to that she has with popular singer Fena Gitu. 

However, the 38-year-old CEO has always been open about her love interests, though subtly, but also made it known to her fans that she is greatly attracted to masculinity which is one of the qualities she hopes that the man she settles with will possess.

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