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EXCLUSIVE: Nadia Mukami opens up on temporary split with baby daddy Arrow Bwoy

Singer Nadia Mukami says should the gods conspire against her relationship with fiancé Arrowboy, she will be forever grateful that he is the father to their son Kai.

“I say so because he is very masculine, he is such a good provider to his family. He hustles as hard as he can and the little or much he gets, he always uses that to take care of his family. I am grateful that he is the father to our son because if there is one thing I am sure about, it is that he will always provide regardless of whether we are together or not.” Nadia told Nairobi News.

After over four years of secretly dating, the couple went public with their relationship in 2021.

But hell broke loose in December 2022 when Nadia announced that the two had parted ways only for them to get back together sooner than they could blink.

“People think I was clout chasing but I wasn’t, I would have released a song which I didn’t. Truth is, I was in a very bad state mentally and I wanted to walk out of the relationship for good. Things were not working it was really bad but somehow Arrowboy salvaged the situation and we got back. He is a great guy, he is good with people but everyone has their shortcomings” she adds.

Nadia says she was mentally disturbed at the time and was unable to think straight.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have posted like I did, which I will never do again but the situation was messy if I’m to be honest.”

Mukami adds that she would love to wed Arrowboy.

“Yes we have met both of our parents but I guess the decision of whether I am marrying him or not lies purely on him. He is the guy to answer that because he is the one marrying not me.

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