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Exclusive: Octopizzo explains why he built a museum for his late dad

Renowned Kenyan recording and performing artist Octopizzo has left netizens in awe with the revelation of the inauguration of a family ancestry museum in his home village in Siaya County.

The museum is dedicated to honoring the memory of his late father, Onyango Ohanga.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Octopizzo, a father of four, shared that the museum was a heartfelt tribute to the person who played a key role in mentoring him in the music industry.

“My dad died when I was 14 years old, and I never got a chance to mourn him since I was young. Now, as an adult with a thriving career, I find myself fulfilling a childhood dream—to build not just a house for my dad, but a museum. This museum serves as a lasting tribute, a place where my children, even those residing beyond the borders of Kenya, can connect with their roots and understand their father’s origin,” Octopizzo said.

Encouraging parents to involve their children in activities within their villages, Octopizzo highlighted the changing dynamics of a generation where individuals have ventured beyond the continent.

He said that he envisions a future where his children may become prominent figures, and the museum stands as a testament to the family’s legacy in their absence.

Octopizzo emphasized that everything in the museum is vintage, preserving the authenticity of the family’s history.

“It is the closest thing we can relate to. It is going to be there forever, and we will even expand it. We will open it to institutions, even those who do not know my dad, so they can at least know me. I feel the need for people to know who influenced me in music. There is a lot of history. He introduced me to music even without knowing I was going to be a musician, and I hope my parents are excited that we have not forgotten them.”