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EXCLUSIVE: Pastor T clarifies viral video on past encounters with HIV-positive women

Controversial pastor, T Mwangi, known for his unconventional teachings in Sheng’, has addressed a video that recently surfaced online where he confessed to having had sexual encounters with two women who were HIV positive.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Pastor T clarified that the video captured a part of his past life and urged the public to consider the context of the message.

“That was my testimony I was sharing with young people just to remind them how God can protect you,” Pastor T explained, emphasizing that he was speaking to the youth about his personal experiences and the transformative power of faith.

Expressing his concern about the way certain media outlets extract specific segments from his teachings for sensationalism, the senior pastor at Life Church International said:

“I mean that was a story that happened while still in high school. I have a problem with bloggers picking certain bits from my teachings just to get views.”

The controversial pastor urged for responsible reporting, advocating for a more comprehensive understanding of his messages rather than focusing on isolated excerpts.

Discussing the potential impact on his family, Pastor T highlighted that the video might be misinterpreted, especially when only snippets are shared online.

“I have children, and the context of the message I was delivering was misinterpreted because they just upload a small video and not the whole message.”

Pastor T addressed questions about his wife’s reaction, noting that they choose to avoid social media.

“She already knows my past, and she understands my story. We decide what to check on social media.”

In the original video, Pastor T recounted his life before finding faith, sharing incidents from a past Christmas season where he narrowly avoided a violent situation in a club.

He also spoke about encounters with women who were later found to be HIV positive.

The pastor emphasized that the purpose of sharing these personal stories was to underscore the transformative power of faith and God’s protection.

“I went to a VCT, I turned out negative by the Grace of God. How The Lord preserved me, I don’t know,” he concluded.

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