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EXPOSED: Fake Kenyan passports sold in the UK for Sh50k

February 2nd, 2019 1 min read

Illegal immigrants are using fake Kenyan passports and other identification documents to live and work in the United Kingdom, Nairobi News understands.

An investigative piece by The Sun newspaper published Thursday traced how an immigrant living in UK is able acquire a fake Kenyan passport for paying an equivalent of Ksh50,000 in hard cash.

A person posing as an immigrant in need of the travel documents was used to ascertain the facts.

The person – name withheld – was then introduced to one Julius Muturi who passed on details of how to acquire the fake documents, including a fake ID.

“It costs between Sh50,000 to Sh60,000 to get the papers,” thirty-two year old Muturi is reported as stating during the meeting.

That process includes the ‘applicant’ filing a fresh form of particulars with fake details, including the name and age.

The information – alongside the person’s image – is sent to a secret location and about a couple of weeks later, a new passport under the names James Nakhuba was couriered from Kenya to the UK.

The fake document was shared in the report, suggesting the owner is aged 50, hails from Kakamega County and is valid for use until 2022.

Authorities in the UK have promised to investigate the incident.

The Kenyan passport was recently rated by Passport Index as the sixth powerful travel document in Africa.