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Ezekiel Mutua warns artistes who ‘dance naked and wear diapers’

Mr Ezekiel Mutua, the Chief Executive Officer at Music Copyright Society of Kenya, had no words to mince for artistes who produced vulgar music and videos as part of their craft.

In his Tuesday, March 5, 2024, statement, Mr Mutua spoke on artistes destroying society instead of using their talent to build Kenya’s culture and moral values. His sentiments came after a local artiste asked him to respect Kenyan artistes who are allegedly his employees.

“If artists want to be respected, they must follow the rules and create content that promotes Kenya’s culture and moral values. No one can respect the lunacy of people dancing naked and putting on diapers like little babies.
No industry can develop without discipline. For artists to be respected there must be a code of ethics. They must have professional standards. They should use their talent to build, not to destroy society. And they must respect the Government and their leadership!” said Mr Mutua.

The statement was also issued days after the Kenya Film Classification Board (where Mr Mutua was the former CEO) ordered the removal of two controversial ‘gospel’ songs by Chris Embarambamba and William Getumbe from all streaming platforms.

Embarambamba’s  Niko Uchi and Getumbe’s Yesu Ninyandue caused massive uproar after the duo uploaded the songs online to the horror of many religious folk who termed the songs as blasphemous.

In his Niko Uchi (I am naked) song, Embarambamba appeared fully naked except for a towel, and at one point in the video, he unwrapped the towel and could be seen swinging his manhood behind the towel. At one point, it was  almost exposed to the camera as he danced vulgarly.

With Getumbe, his Yesu Ninyandue title caused massive uproar as ‘ninyandue’ is local slang for have sex with me. Yesu is the Swahili name for Jesus Christ.

The two controversial musicians also collaborated on another song they branded as gospel music in which Embarambamba wore a dress and Getumbe wore a diaper, and they named the song Imejaa (it is full).

“A demand letter has been issued to Embrambamba and Getumbe to remove any inappropriate content from their various platforms. Failure to comply will result in legal action in accordance with the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 of the Laws of Kenya,” read a notice from KFCB.

In his earlier reaction to the controversial music, Mr Mutua had also warned that the duo faced suspension at MCSK for upto five years and expulsion if they repeated the same offences.

“Embarambamba and Getumbe obnoxious content will be deleted from social media. MCSK has also initiated the process of deregistering the two from the Society. If the resolution by a recent special AGM is upheld, the two will not be members of MCSK and will not earn any royalties for five years. Repeat offences will earn them a life ban,” said Mr Mutua.

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