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‘Fake’ Policeman charged with arresting prostitute

A man who allegedly claimed to be a police officer and arrested a prostitute he accused of stealing a laptop from a client has been charged with impersonating a police officer.

At Kibera law courts, Benson Mbugua is accused of falsely presenting himself as a police officer and assuming to arrest the sex worker at Uthiru shopping centre in Dagoretti, Nairobi on February 25.

Mbugua had reportedly approached the sex worker for her services and she pronounced her charges to him. They disagreed during the conversation and she walked away to join a bevy of other sex workers.

After a short time, Mbugua claimed he had been sent from a police station to arrest the sex worker but the prostitutes defied his orders but later obeyed after noticing he had a radio call.

He had ordered them to sit down. A member of public tried to talk to Mbugua to pardon the prostitutes but he ignored him.

The concerned member of public noticed what Mbungua was holding was a resemblance of a radio call and started to look for police officers but unfortunately he could not find any.

He informed bodaboda riders who asked Mbugua to produce his certificate of appointment with the national police service and he could not.

Instead, Mbugua attempted to flee but was cornered by an irate mob baying for his blood.

He was rescued by police officers from the lynch mob that had started beating him.

The suspect was released on a bond of Sh100, 000 and an alternative cash bail of Sh50, 000.

The case will be mentioned on March 14.