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Family of late AFC Leopards official Maurice Chichi warns Mike Sonko on fake news

Former Nairobi governor and controversial politician Mike Sonko has been warned against spreading lies about the circumstances leading to the death of the late Maurice Chichi, a former treasurer at Kenya Premier League side AFC Leopards.

In a statement on behalf of the deceased family, Mr Clinton Dambiz, a cousin to the deceased, sought to clarify that a screenshot of messages allegedly sent by the late Chichi was all fake news from TikTok.

Mr Sonko had claimed, in a tweet, that the late Chichi had been messaging the mother of his children in messages that appeared to show he was depressed after losing his job.

“Official Announcement. We want to confirm that the alleged conversations doing rounds on social media is fake news from TikTok. As a Family, we want to confirm that Maurice Chichi passed on in Nairobi and not the rural home. Secondly, the Late had no kids by the name Roy or Jay. A lot in that conversation does not match his last moments. His Mother is also deceased. We hereby ask all that have made this serious claims to kindly respect the family during this hard time. This is causing levels of unrest and unnecessary tension. Kind regards,” said Clinton Dambiz.

Hours earlier, Mr Sonko had shared a photo of the late Chichi and the screenshot messages, claiming that the deceased’s wife had cheated on him, he got depressed and died afterwards. He also used this as a cautionary example to men, advising them to choose their wives wisely.

“To men, especially young men that are planning to get into marriage soon remember to choose your wives wisely.  Take your time to understand the person you’re dating and planning to settle down with, do a thorough background check on her family and the environment she was brought up in. Now look at this case of a man who got depressed, collapsed and died afterwards because of what his wife did to him.

After kulose job yake (losing his job), he was forced to stay back at home and take care of their kids but dem akaamua aanze kuhanya nje na kumuonyesha madharau (his woman decided to start sleeping around and showing him disrespect) &to make matters worse wengine walikua wanakuja nayeye adi home anawakiss bwanake akiona (she used to bring some men to their home and kiss them in front of her husband). Mark you when the man was financially stable he used his own money to school the siblings of her wife and even built her parents a home. This is one of the saddest stories I have read today.

Get married to an understanding partner, one that respects herself and you, a loyal and honest one. When things fall apart support one another knowing that problems don’t last forever, they are solved. Pole kwa familia ya uyu boychild na iwe funzo kwa vijana wadogo kuchagua wapenziwe kwa makini (My condolences to the family of this boychild and let it be a lesson to younger men to choose their lovers keenly)” said Mike Sonko in his claims.

The deceased is said to have met his death under unclear circumstances on May 28, 2023, although Nairobi News understands he had head injuries.

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